Background _

At Palermo, we have spent fifty years passionately dedicated to what we know best. We master each and every one of the processes in the art of printing. We feel and live the world of content reproduction.

We are not only a technology firm but also a very human one. A professional group of creative experts in constant development, perfectly adapted to the digital age and to changes in the market. People committed to other people and their projects.

Our customers complete that team, in which engagement, honesty, trust and integrity are some of the ingredients of a relationship that goes beyond mere production. As a benchmark company in Europe, boasting a far-reaching international projection, we enjoy a global vision that distinguishes us in the sector.

At Artes Gráficas Palermo we do not aspire to be the biggest, but rather the ones working with the finest quality. The ones who provide the most value added to each product we make.