At Palermo we understand corporate social responsibility to be the way we manage our business with regard to all the stakeholders to whom we are linked in one way or another.

The quality and innovative nature of our products are the expression of a particular attitude. We approach our work in a responsible manner and in harmony with the environment. Our business has positive impacts on our surroundings.

Real impacts in economic, technological and social terms. The manner in which our firm operates forges a trusting relationship with stakeholders and, in turn, guarantees our very sustainability as a benchmark company in the sector.

Our remit at Palermo is to give the same importance to the achievement of goals and economic-financial results as to the procedure used to obtain those outcomes.



The dealings we have with our customers are one of the main pillars upon which Palermo’s present is based – as too is its future. The interaction between both parties is crucial for our firm’s projection. Accordingly, we establish channels of communication that permit fluent dialogue and information feedback. This feedback ensures a proper understanding and helps to improve and raise our customers’ expectations.



Human capital is Palermo’s most valuable asset. Our strategies in this area –based on ethics and transparency– are designed to raise the levels of satisfaction among employees, generate an internal climate that favours good industrial relations and increases the workforce’s commitment to the company.

Furthermore, we conduct Skills Analyses and we implement Training Plans and Comprehensive Schemes for Reconciling Work and Family Life. What’s more, our company strictly complies with all current legislation in matters of Health & Safety, Hygiene and Occupational Risk Prevention.

In matters of recruitment, this is governed by a labour market insertion policy, rolled out by the firm, in which priority is given to equal opportunities between men and women according to the positions to be filled. This approach avoids situations of discrimination.



At Palermo, we began the process of building up our reputation and instituting responsible values in 1973. Our company’s ethical behaviour, set out in a Statement of Principles, is expressed through the lines of action we pursue as regards our various target audiences. As a contribution of value added to those groups, we organise social and cultural action schemes of various kinds.

Collaborations, training activities, support for NGOs, sponsorships… these are just some of the milestones and challenges –drivers of progress– that encourage us to reinvent ourselves on a daily basis, in the full conviction that our business has a positive bearing on people.

This philanthropic approach, undertaken with a coherent and productive mindset, generates close ties of trust and has significant mutual benefits: both for the various collectives involved and for Palermo itself.



Our mission at Palermo is to ensure that our working relations with our suppliers extend on a lasting basis over time. We understand that a proper alliance –always seeking the best and most fluid businesses– is ultimately reflected in the quality of our services and, in the end, in the work we deliver to our customers.

The responsible practices we uphold are linked to the obligations set out in the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard, to which we have been certified.



The operations undertaken at Palermo have an impact on the environment. Our daily processes involve the consumption of raw materials and energy, and this inevitably leads to emissions and waste.

The company’s approach is therefore based on implementing all the protocols and best practices designed to raise quality by minimising the hazardous effects of our work.

Conscious of the important part the environment plays in economic and social progress, we apply eco-efficient policies, such as recycling programmes, the management and collection of waste and the use of non-contaminating inks. Furthermore, we have been certified according to ISO 14001, FSC–Chain of Custody and PEFC–Sustainable Forestry Management.



It is our commitment to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As such, AG Palermo has implemented an Environmental Management System certified under the ISO14001 standard for more than a decade. Since then, we have taken steps to achieve sustainable development. Changes have been implemented towards the staff awareness and in the organisation of operations, establishing good environmental practices, among others:

  • LED lighting in all workspaces.
  • Appropriate management of dangerous waste by authorised
  • Separation and recycling of paper and cardboard: from product packaging stored, to paper cuts classified into white paper, recycled paper and waste paper.
  • Metal recycling.
  • Rational supply and optimal storage, to avoid rubbish due to degeneration or deterioration.
  • Use of inks made from renewable resources.
  • Replacement of equipment with better technology that reduces the volume of waste generated.
  • Use of less aggressive products or more efficient for the environment.