Quality Policy_

The Management of ARTES GRAFICAS PALERMO, S.L. in its desire to guarantee the provision of service

and offer a service to its clients with better quality each day in its activities of:

Design, Pre-Press, Printing, Binding, Finishing, and Handling of Books,

Magazines, Brochures, and Commercial Printing in general, in the OFFSET system and Digital


Establishes the following Quality, Environmental, and Chain of Custody Policy that will affect all departments of ARTES GRAFICAS PALERMO, S.L.  This policy is based on the following commitments:

Commitment to fulfill all the requirements of the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and FSC® (FSC-C002387) and/or PEFC Chain of Custody according to UNE EN ISO 9001 and ISO14001; FSC-STD-40-004 Standard for Chain of Custody Certification and PEFC ST 2002: Chain of Custody of Forest Products,: Requirements and continuously advance the efficiency of their functioning.  

Commitment to focus our work within a management environment that guarantees continuous improvement through the establishment and periodic review of our quality and environmental objectives.

Commitment to efficiently control all processes, with special emphasis on:

Client relationships                                    Management of our waste

Fulfillment of delivery deadlines            Compliance with FSC and PEFC standards

Commitment to define the quality, environmental, and FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody policy of our organization, enhancing the knowledge and understanding on the part of the organization’s personnel and for suppliers and subcontractors, as well as conducting a periodic evaluation to guarantee their continued adequacy.

Commitment to comply with all requirements, whether legal, contractual, or otherwise, that are applicable to us because of our activity, both in the field of the performance of our services and in the environmental field of our activities, so that our action in no case shall contravene the requirements and legal specifications established by the various public administrations.

Commitment to protect the environmental and our surroundings through the sustainable use of resources and measures aimed at the prevention of any type of contamination that could arise from the operations due to our activity.

Commitment to make available and make public our policy for quality, environmental management, and FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody to our stakeholders.

Commitment, in FSC certified editions, to avoid mixing FSC certified paper with wood fiber materials from the following sources: Forest areas where civil and traditional rights are violated, forest areas where standards and fundamental work principles and rights are not met (According to the Declaration of the ILO, 1998), forest areas where high conservation values are threatened, forest areas where genetically modified trees have been introduced, forest areas in which illegal logging is performed, natural forests that have been converted into plantations or other non-forest uses.

Commitment, in PEFC certified editions, to implement and monitor a traceability system that ensures the sustainable origin of the raw forest materials that enter into the production process as well as the comprehensive control of possible conflicting sources of raw materials that could enter into the productive process, preventing this from occurring.  

ARTES GRÁFICAS PALERMO ensures that it does not prevent workers from associating freely, choosing their representatives, or negotiating collectively with the company; there is no forced labor in its facilities; it does not make use of hiring workers below the minimum legal age established in Spain; it does not prevent equal opportunities and treatment of workers; working conditions do not endanger the safety or health of their employees, fulfilling all of the requirements of the ILO.

All of this for its facilities at Avenida La Técnica nº 7, Polígono Industrial Santa Ana, in Rivas, Madrid.



DATE: 09/10/2018                        Ver_11