The brand, as the guiding light in our approach to our business, should illuminate the path for all the firm’s operations.

Since it was founded, Palermo has forged its own personal traits, which continue today to distinguish it in the sector. Major attributes that make up our personality, common to all our employees, and which govern their day-to-day professional duties. These values –key strengths–are integrity, rapport and self-improvement.

Palermo sees printing as a reflection of art. Just as a painter chooses the finest brushes or a photographer selects the keenest lenses, printing should remain faithful to the object to be reproduced. This means we make it our responsibility to ensure that all our jobs, without exception, are printed in the most complete and faithful manner.
We are convinced that the right care and feel, together with an eye for detail, are the ways to obtain the utmost satisfaction and trust among our customers.

This array of qualities, a quintessential feature of any tight-knit group, is summed up by a novel concept: Guardians of Quality. That is what we want our values to consistently project in our designs. The figure of Guardian of Quality furthermore implies an intense alertness –in the field of the creative process– to both aesthetics and design. These ideas are condensed in Palermo’s new logo.

Its typography, based on a circle and rounded shapes, conveys not only movement and continuity but also perfection and protection. Curved lines remind us of a business cycle that began forty years ago now and which is evolving and innovating, with confidence, faithful to its principles.