EFTI and Palermo launch “EXC”


This heading (for EXCeptional, EXCiting, EXCellent) is the name giving to the EFTI School of Photography’s new news sheet. A publication that brings together some of the best projects undertaken by students on the International Master’s Degree in Photography, which is taught at this prestigious centre.

The original medium has been edited by the professional photographers Paco Junquera and Juan Valbuena, while the design is by Alberto Contreras, from EFTI. Although in prior years the works had been collected in book format, the change has been very well received by both students and the public at large.

Through this project, EFTI (which is the Spanish acronym for the Photography School and Image Centre -which in 2012 has celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday- continues to place its trust in Artes Gráficas Palermo to print publications associated with projects linked to information on photography and its diffusion.